Fraser Island Pearls


The Fraser Island Pearl Company is no longer in production as of 2012/2013.

The first harvest was in 2006 and the production was of a very high standard. We have been selling the Fraser Island Pearl product since its inception, and apart from the original source, we are the only stockists of this product.

Needless to say that with no further production, whatever stock levels we have will be the only supplies available for the foreseeable future. We still have reasonable stocks, but it is & will continue to be depleted. So get in quickly to be able to have your own Fraser Island Cultured Pearl farmed in Hervey Bay.

Fraser Island Pearls

The Pearl Farm is in Queensland Waters.

In the waters of Hervey Bay on the western side of Fraser Island.

Akoya pearl oysters are grown inside Hervey Bay. Pearl oysters are grown in bags and frames at these locations which provide optimal conditions for pearl production. ┬áThe shell being farmed is the ‘Pinctada Fucata’ more commonly known as the ‘Akoya’ Shell.