Mark is the Queensland Apprentice of the Year!!

Becoming a ‘Manufacturing Jeweller’ is a 4 year apprenticeship, like mose other trades. Being employed as an apprentice & travelling to college blocks throughout the year, in this case… 2 x 4 week college blocks each year for the first 3 years & then we get to keep him for the whole 4th year!

Mark travelled to Southbank College for external training as does any apprentice throughout Queensland. At the end of the third year they have their awards ‘Presentation Night’ which was held on the 16th November in Brisbane. Steve & I were unable to attend with him as our son was getting married the next day [another story for another day].

Mark won 3 awards…

* Best Technical Aspects

* Best Overall Design

* Apprentice of the Year

We are very proud of Mark, he really is what I would call a ‘Quiet Achiever’. We look forward to having him with us hopefully a long time to come.

Just a side note… We have had 3 Apprentices in the past 13 years & from these 3 young men, 2 won Apprentice of the Year &1 was ‘runner up’!! It certainly is a reflection of the quality of workmanship of Stephen & Matthew!

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