Stephen’s Dream Fishing Trip!


Well this is a story for all you boys!! Stephen has just returned from his dream fishing trip of a lifetime. Up to almost the top of Qld, Lockhart River, a coastal Aboriginal community situated on the eastern coast of Cape York Peninsula, and is also the name of a river just south of the community.

He shared the trip with a friend & they physically lived on the boat for days on end while going up the river to the middle of nowhere catching fish. They tell me that is where the fish are, all the way fighting sandflies & crocodiles.(I’m not sure which one is more vicious!) To say Stephen is a serious fisherman would be an understatement and he was absolutely in his element!!, fishing day & night, no matter what obstacles presented themselves. They also stayed at a place called Portland Road as a base, from there going out to the reef as well.

Lots of fish were caught & released, except for the odd one to eat, and they came back dirty & exhausted, but very very happy. Back at work now, but all I hear are fishing stories with our clients rather than work!

To look at some piccies click on one to take you to a gallery… Enjoy…

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