Who saw ‘The Glenn Miller Orchestra’ at the Brolga???




Well Steve & I did!!!

What a night. Those of you who know me well, know that I dont really go out much these days, but for the Glenn Miller Band I would have walked to Maryborough! Playing the Trumpet for 20 years, this music is in my veins.

The Brolga was absolutey packed!!! People of all ages, but certainly a lot from my generation [yes -young]!

Apart from the quality of the performers, I loved watching what the music did to people who lived it. You could see them transported in time & reliving memories. If the music wasn’t bringing a tear to my eye, that certainy was. Music & Tour Info..

And just to answer one of my childrens question… NO, I was not part of the search party when his plane went missing in 1944!

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