Matthw Gray Q175


Matthew Gray FGA FGAA Dip

Registered Valuer #Q175


Debra Haigh FGAA Dip DT

Registered Valuer #120

Registered Valuers

A Registered Valuer is a professional person with many years of study and many qualifications behind him/her.

A Registered Valuer must have completed the following:

  1. Certificate IV in Gemmology
  2. Diamond and Gemstone Grading
  3. Detection of Synthetic gemstones and Treatments
  4. 5 years working in the jewellery trade
  5. Be Registered with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers

These are the pre-requisites to apply to sit for the Valuers Course. Once you have then passed this course you can register to work as a Valuer. Once you have completed all these you must earn education points every three years by attending seminars and extra courses. These will keep the Valuer up-to-date with industry changes. If you do not earn the required points you are not able to practice and must re-sit the Valuers course to re-qualify.

There are many courses which are done post Valuers – e.g. Advanced Opal , Advanced Pearl, Advanced Diamond Grading, Advanced Synthetics, and regular Valuers Seminars and update courses. We have constant trade reference journals which we must always read and follow up on.

The Diamond Technology Diploma Course is the pinnacle of study within our trade. The numbers that sit and pass are minimal around Australia. You must be a Gemologist to qualify to study this next course.

A Registered Valuer must have a full scientific Laboratory to Gemmologically test the stones within your jewellery. No tests are detrimental to any stones.

The certificate the Valuer issues is a legal document which is notary sealed. It has to be able to stand up in court with the Valuer behind it.

All these above requirements cost the Valuer quite a bit of money. Include an expensive yearly Personal Liability Insurance and Registration Fees, this will help to explain why your Valuer will charge you for the work that he/she will conduct for you.

Your ‘Registered Valuer’ is a very professional person!

Why Use A Registered Valuer?

Members of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers are skilled experts, able to provide highly detailed Certificates of Valuation that are vitally important when purchasing a piece of jewellery, seeking a fair price when selling, or for providing adequate insurance cover in case items are lost, damaged or stolen.


National Council of Jewellery Valuers
Gemmological Association of Australia